Michael McThrow

Member of Research Staff -- Fujitsu Research of America, Santa Clara, California, USA
Member of the Board of Regents -- Concordia University Irvine, California, USA

Welcome to my homepage! I am a Member of Research Staff at Fujitsu Research of America (formerly Fujitsu Laboratories of America) in Santa Clara, California, which is located in Silicon Valley. My current research is in the area of automated machine learning (AutoML). Previously at Fujitsu I worked in the area of explainable graph AI.

Aside from my role at Fujitsu, I am also serving as a member of the Board of Regents at Concordia University Irvine, a private Lutheran university in Irvine, California. My term began in Fall 2023 and will end in Summer 2026. Since Summer 2022 I have also been serving as an industry mentor for the LINXS Summer Undergraduate Research Program run by the Stanford University Computer Science Department.

Aside from AI, my other research interests include computer systems research (particularly distributed systems, operating systems, and storage systems), databases, data mining, information retrieval, and programming languages.

My hobbies include computing (with a particular interest in the history of personal computing), reading about various different topics (e.g., economics, politics, history, theology, places of interest), studying Japanese, and listening to (and one day playing) music, especially jazz (with a particular emphasis on bebop, post-bop, and fusion). I like tennis, cycling, photography, and long walks.


I served as a section leader for Stanford University's Code in Place course, which was an introductory Python programming MOOC offered during the COVID-19 pandemic. I also taught an upper division course on programming language paradigms and principles at San José State University (CS 152) in Fall 2020 and Fall 2021.

Previously Taught

Side Projects

I am working on MallowOS, an operating system for workstation users that focuses on component-based software and usability.


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